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Drop In & Packages

Lesson Options Cost Cost/Class Savings
Introductory Semi-Private Lesson Cost: $40 Cost/Class: Savings: 27% ($15)
Introductory Private Lesson Cost: $80 Cost/Class: Savings: 27% ($30)
Semi-Private Lesson Cost: $55 (1 Credit) Cost/Class: Savings:
Private Lesson Cost: $110 (2 Credits) Cost/Class: Savings:
6 Credit Packages Cost: $300 Cost/Class: $50 Savings: 9% ($30)
12 Credit Packages (Most Popular) Cost: $540 Cost/Class: $45 Savings: 18% ($120)
20 Credit Packages Cost: $800 Cost/Class: $40 Savings: 27% ($300)
Slope Reservation (Maximum of 9 Participants per Hour) Cost: $250 Cost/Class: Savings:

Slope lessons are 30 minutes in duration.


Membership Options Cost Per Month Lesson Credits Per Month Freestyle
Premium Cost Per Month: $340 Lesson Credits Per Month: 8 Freestyle: Unlimited
Plus Cost Per Month: $210 Lesson Credits Per Month: 4 Freestyle: Unlimited
Basic Cost Per Month: $100 Lesson Credits Per Month: 50% Off Alpine Lessons Freestyle: Unlimited

More Information On Membership Page | All lessons are 30 minutes in duration | Memberships include discounts on Merchandise, Food & Beverage, Camps, Clinics, Rentals, Tuning,and Addition Classes | Multiple family member discounts available.

The Revolving Slopes

The Revolving Slopes have a snow-like surface that moves up towards the user just like a treadmill, which allows for perpetual skiing and snowboarding. 

Surface Speed & Pitch can be adjusted to best suit your needs allowing you to focus solely on your technique.

Real-Time Feedback is provided by a professional instructor. Each slope is equipped with mirrors, so skiers and snowboarders can easily visualize their posture and positioning. 

Find out more by clicking the link below.

Semi-Private Lessons

For beginners and pros alike, our semi-private lessons create an environment designed to best help you conquer any mountain. The innovative slopes and professional instructors will help you expand your knowledge and understanding of skiing and snowboarding. SNÖBAHN's booking system will group you based on ability and age.

30 minute lesson  |  2 people per semi-private lesson for ages 4-7 and 3 people per semi-private for ages 8+
Semi-Private Lessons Starting at $40 per person*

Ages 4+ for semi-private ski lessons
Ages 6+ for semi-private snowboard lessons
1 semi-private lesson = 1 credit

*Reservation Required

Private Lessons

Take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level with a private one-on-one lesson with your favorite instructor.  Your personal instructor will help encourage you and focus on your technique helping you reach your goals. You will be ready to conquer any mountain this season!

30 minute lesson 
Private Lessons Starting at $80 

2 credits = 1 private lesson
Ages 3+ for private ski lessons
Ages 6+ for private snowboard lessons

*Reservation Required

Prepare for your first lesson

Use our online system to book your next lesson. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to the lesson to check in and get fitted for gear. We have all the equipment you need at no extra cost. If you have your own gear, you are welcome to bring your boots and helmets. Wear athletic clothing and long socks. No snow-pants, jackets, or gloves needed. Don't forget to fill out the waiver in your account to speed up the check-in process.

First time customers receive their first lesson at a discounted rate. We want you to see for yourself that our technology really works!

First semi-private lesson $40  | First private lesson $80

See you on the slopes!

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Consistency is key when learning a new skill.

Become a member and make skiing and snowboarding part of your routine!

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