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The Slopes

Revolutionizing Skiing & Snowboarding

Continuous Movement Allows for Continued Improvement


One half hour of skiing or snowboarding on our slopes at the average speed is the equivalent of skiing 3,300 vertical feet seven complete times, without the downtime of lift-lines or chairlift rides. Unlike traditional video or picture feedback which is delayed, there is a mirror at the base of our slopes allowing for immediate and constant recognition of your posture, positioning and movement.  Nothing will make you better at skiing or snowboarding other than skiing or snowboarding.  Frequently.  Especially when you can see yourself.

The Carve

Our slopes manufacture technically sound skiers and snowboarders.  To master a turn on our snow-like surface you will need to master “the carve”.  Carving is the most fundamentally sound ski and snowboard technique and is what ski and snowboard equipment technology is designed for. If you don’t currently carve with your turns it does not mean you are a bad skier or snowboarder.  It does mean that you may not take to our surface right away.  Even the most advanced athletes need to calibrate their technique to perform a perfectly carved turn.  Once you do, there is no turning back.  Within a lesson or two we will have you on your way!


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