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Our Educational Programs focus on muscle memory and repetition, both impossible to achieve from infrequent visits to ski resorts. It gives students the confidence and skills required to make their visits to the resorts more productive and enjoyable.

 When adding up the gas, the hours of travel time, the layers of clothing, the lift ticket costs and the costs of lessons, the outcome can be a discouraging experience in that the student doesn't benefit from the excessive investment of the time and the money. At any point during the day a bad experience from the uncontrollable elements could alter their perception and discourage future participation. SNÖBAHN is a controlled environment with ski instructors that allows students to master the most important and basic components of their snow sport without any negative outside forces. When our students head for the hills – they have a head start.
The early anxieties, frustrations and cumbersome unfamiliarity of skiing or snowboarding in the elements will be ruled out, allowing our students to learn without distraction.

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