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The SNÖBAHN Experience

A Revolution

More exposure.  More access.  A better way to learn and a revolutionary way to train.


Skiing and snowboarding are no different than any other sport; repetition leads to muscle memory which allows for further advancement. The average person spends a little more than an hour actually skiing or snowboarding when purchasing a full day lift ticket. The rest of the time is spent in lift-lines, waiting for group members, resting or eating on the mountain. For someone who skis less than 20 days a year the ability to improve under this format is slow, inconsistent and extremely challenging.

A typical hour at SNÖBAHN is much different. One half-hour of continuous skiing or snowboarding on our revolving slopes at the average speed is the equivalent of skiing the distance of over 20,000 vertical feet. In addition, each of our revolving slopes has a mirror at the base providing immediate feedback on technique and positioning.



In 2014 the average amount spent at a Rocky Mountain ski resort for a day of skiing, parking, food and lessons across all age groups was approximately $105.00 per person. That excludes travel costs, equipment or equipment rental. Both skiing and snowboarding require a significant investment of time and money. The affordability of SNÖBAHN ultimately translates into an enhanced on-mountain experience for our customers. Three separate half-hour sessions cost less than the price of a half-day lift ticket at most major ski resorts. 

All of the necessary equipment and a trained instructor is included in the price of a lesson.  This price point fosters repetition and opens doors for those who may not have otherwise ventured into either sport with any frequency. Our goal is to provide a return on investment for our customers’ on-mountain experiences by preparing them ahead of time at a fraction of the cost.



According to a recent ski industry report, the number one reason that people don’t ski or snowboard is because they don’t have anyone to go ski or snowboard with. Our centers will bring people of all ages with a similar interest together, creating friendships that continue well beyond our walls into the very mountains they are preparing for.

SNÖBAHN is a combination of many things for many people including our early learners' program for kids ages 3-10, our adaptive ski programs, our rehabilitation capacity, continuing all the way through our competitive conditioning programs for ski and snowboard athletes. In addition to our slopes, our patrons will be able to enjoy each other’s company in our SNÖBAR – a comfortable lounge area complete with coffee, beer and wine sales, light concessions, comfortable seating, WiFi and flat-screen TV’s. From corporate events to birthday parties SNÖBAHN offers the perfect space to hold your next event.



Over 90% of the ski and snowboard population lives in urban and suburban areas where mountain access is not readily available. Even in gateway cities like Denver, day-trip ski resort access is becoming increasingly difficult. SNÖBAHN allows an individual to partake in these sports close to home with little to no planning.

While we will never replace the natural environment of an on-mountain experience and the beauty that comes with it, we will provide efficiency which will give people the ability to learn, develop and train in a way that does not require committing the better part of a day to travel and chairlifts. Similar to how the driving range serves as an alternative to playing a full round of golf, SNÖBAHN will serve as an alternative to spending the time required to access resort snow.


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