How does it work?

Our slopes are made with soft nylon fiber carpet on a belt that revolves in a motion similar to a treadmill. We can change the height and speed of the slope so it’s tailored to the ability  of the skiers or boarders on the slope at the time. There is a support bar at the bottom of the slope to offer stability for less experienced clients.   At the base of the slope there is a large mirror so you can watch your technique and get real-time feedback.

What is the minimum age allowed on the slopes?

For exclusive family ski lessons we will take your little ones as young as 3. For normal ski lessons the minimum age is 4. For snowboarding lessons the minimum age is 6.

How long is the lesson?

Each lesson is an hour long, during which you will be on the slope for approximately 30 minutes. This is split up into 3 x 10 min blocks, so you get a much needed rest in between.  You will ski for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, for 3 cycles.  We request that you arrive 15 minutes before your allocated time so we can fit you with boots and skis.

Is equipment included in the price of a lesson?

Yes, all lesson prices include the use of skis or snowboards, boots, poles and helmets.

Is instruction included in the price of the lesson?

All our lessons come with a fully qualified instructor. This ensures safe operation of the slopes at all times and the best experience in the center.

How long in advance do I need to book?

We recommend that you book at least a week in advance to ensure you are able to get a class at the desired time with other students with similar ability level.  Weekends and evenings are naturally busier so we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to get the times and availability you’d like.

We will always make our best efforts to find a class that fits your skier type and ability, even on a walk-in basis.  Our online booking tool shows real time availability and is the best way to find a class that fits your schedule.  It allows for same-day bookings or for reservations well in advance of your desired date and time.

Can I bring my own ski or snowboard equipment?

You are welcome to bring your own boots and helmet but we ask that you use our skis and snowboards as they have been specially prepared for use on the slopes – specific to the edge tuning and removal of wax.

What do I need to bring and what should I wear?

Please bring a pair of long socks and wear lightweight long pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.  We recommend that you wear something comfortable and loose fitting.  Helmets are available for client use but you are welcome to bring your own helmet if you prefer.

Will I get hurt when I fall down?

The instructor carries a hand-held remote at all times and can stop the slope at any time.  Generally the instructor will stop the slope before you even fall.  The slope is made of soft nylon fibers that hurt a lot less than falling on ice (and it’s not cold!).

How many students in each class?

Lessons can be for up to 6 students, with up to 3 students on the slope at any one time.  For birthday parties and corporate events we can accommodate more clients per hour reservation.

Are these indoor slopes suitable for snowboarders?

Yes, the slopes are set up for both snowboarders and skiers of all ages and abilities.

Are these indoor slopes good for children?

Yes, your children are able to learn in a controlled, warm environment, giving them the confidence they need to take on the big mountains. Instead of going to ski school all day your children will be able to ski with you on your next trip to the mountains.

I have never skied or snowboarded before - is this a good learning method?

Yes, you actually learn faster because of our endless slope technology – no lift lines, stops, or interruptions provide a flawless canvas for quick and easy learning. Also, there is a mirror at the bottom of the slope that provides instant feedback to improve your technique.

Is it similar to skiing or snowboarding on snow?

Yes, if you can ski or snowboard well on the indoor slopes you will be even better on snow. The surface is made of soft nylon fibers so riding on our slopes does feel a little different than snow but the technique is exactly the same.