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h2go Venture Water Bottle

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Whether you’re working out for prolonged periods, traversing mountains or simply on a long commute, it’s important to keep hydrated. The Powder Coated H2GO Venture has been designed with long workouts in mind, and boasts an extra-large 40z capacity for when you need additional fluids.

This copper vacuum insulated thermal water bottle is capable of keeping hot drinks at an optimum temperature for upwards of 12 hours, making it the perfect beverage storage solution for camping and hiking trips. It’s also capable of keeping cold drinks chilled for 24 hours, so when the sun’s beating down on a long-distance run, you know you can rely on the H2Go Venture for rehydration and refreshment.

The H2Go Venture is available in black, blue and orange attractive powder coated colors and features a threaded, insulated lid on a silicone retaining band, making it easy to refill and easy to access, even when you’re on the move.