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How to Push Past a Skiing Plateau

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s your everyday workout routine or your ski level, hitting a plateau can be frustrating, overwhelming and exhausting — and trying to get out of it can be even more so. Luckily, we have some tips that will help you like it helped us.

Below are some ways our instructors here at SNÖBAHN have found what works best for them. From getting some practice runs in on our carpet to trying new things on the snowy slopes, these are our best tips to overcome that skiing plateau.

Ski With Friends

We’ve all heard it: if you want to be better, look to someone who is better. That’s especially true when you’re trying to expand your skill set on the slopes. Skiing with friends is not only fun, but can fuel some healthy competition. “That fear of just not being able to keep up with your friends is a really great motivator. And I think that's what has kind of pushed me to the level I'm at; by going with people that are unbelievable,” says Harry, Assistant Manager. SNÖBAHN ski instructor Mark Beckwith agrees that skiing with friends “definitely helps improve your skiing overall.”

Your friends can offer tips that have helped them improve, watch your form and offer advice, and overall observe your skiing style to see what you may be missing.

Focus on the Terrain

Each terrain is different and you have to adjust to those requirements. “Ski with control and feel the terrain,” says Mark. Green runs can help you fine-tune your turns while harder blues and blacks will ask more from your footwork. Switch it up to always keep your body guessing.

Don’t be Afraid to Fall

While falling may seem counterproductive, it actually marks the sign of progress.“If I haven't fallen all day, I'm probably not pushing myself,” says Harry. 

The fear of falling might be the biggest obstacle to overcome. “I tell kids this all the time that falling is a good thing and to not be embarrassed. Professional skiers have fallen more than any of us. That's how we learn,” says Harry.


SNÖBAHN isn’t just for first-time skiers to learn how to ski. We help intermediate skiers become advanced and take those advanced skiers even further. “The nice thing about SNÖBAHN is that we can really focus what you need to improve. You might not even know that your balance or stance is the thing that's holding you back,” says Harry. “We can actually refine it and focus on it largely thanks to the mirror and the consistency of the slope.”