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Tips for Buying Gear this Ski Season

Whether it’s your first time skiing this season or your tenth, your gear is the thing that will help you make the most out of the snow. SNÖBAHN Assistant Manager, Harry Carrothers tells us his favorite gear and what to expect your first time buying.


Boots are among the top of the list when buying anything ski and snowboard related - and they’re worth putting money into. As Harry says, “Your boots are like your steering wheel for driving; it's your shoe for runners. It's your only point of contact. I think it's more important to spend extra money on getting a custom fit and a custom insole - which we do here at SNÖBAHN. With the custom fit, you're going to be more comfortable and able to ski longer. You can get used to any kind of ski, whereas you can't get used to a bad fit.”

Skis and Board

“With skis, trying to find something that you can use throughout the year. On those beginning and last days of the year, you're going to want something smaller underfoot which is going to be better on that ice or crud. I would recommend something from 90s to low 100s underfoot so that you'll perform better on those early days of ice and on heavy powder days you won't be falling behind.”

“For a snowboard, as a beginner, I would spend your money on a Camber/Rocker board. On this type of board, you’ll have an easier turn without compromising floatation.”


“You should spend money on helmets because that's going to hopefully save you from having a crash. Look for a multi-hit rated helmet, like POC which we sell here at SNÖBAHN.


“Nice goggles are a good luxury to have, especially ones with two lenses. Because it could be sunny in Denver and then get up to the mountains and it's dark. It's nice to be able to switch that to a low light lens.”