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Safety Update - 11/11/2020

In light of recent increases in COVID cases, it is now more important than ever for us to provide a clean and safe facility for our guests to enjoy.  We are in regular communication with our local health department (Tri-County Health) to ensure that we are adapting our operations to accommodate changes to their guidelines. With Arapahoe County moving to the Orange Level III restrictions, we must reduce capacity to 10 people for each area of our operations, with a maximum capacity of 50 people in the entire center. Below is more detail about how the changes impact our services.


Luckily our lesson max is 3 people per ski/snowboard lesson, so there is no change to how lessons will operate. However, we must reduce the number of people watching these lessons. While we would love to have the whole family supporting a parent, child, or sibling learning a new skill, we ask that only one person accompany the client in the lesson.  We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. 


Our freestyle area (trampoline area) is the primary area that will be affected by the new guidelines. We can only have 10 people using the trampolines at a time. We will have to turn anyone away once we reach capacity. To ensure your spot, you will need to book your freestyle session online or call us to reserve a spot. We will have to operate as first come first serve. In order to give everyone a fair opportunity, we have changed the booking to 1-hour sessions but you are more than welcome to book two back to back. With this, we ask all freestylers to show up on time to their session. These rules will apply to the skate ramp as well (10 people max). 

We are so excited for ski season and will do everything on our part to keep the center a safe place for our customers.