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Reopening Procedures (Updated 6-30-20)

First, we want you all to know that we truly appreciate you all for being so supportive and we hope that you and your families are healthy and well.  Please find updates on our business below.


We are very excited to announce that we will be opening our doors on July 6th! We looking forward to seeing you all again.  We will be doing everything in our power to keep our team, our clients, and the community safe and healthy by limiting capacity, enforcing social distancing, and implementing a more rigorous cleaning protocol.  Our goal is to keep all of our staff, customers, and community safe while providing a fun place for people to improve on their skills and promote an active lifestyle.

Initially when we open we will be hosting summer camps (Mon-Fri, 9-4) and be open to the public weekday evenings and during regular business hours on Saturdays (9:00 am - 5:00 pm). We will be closed on Sundays. As we get accustomed to the new normal of operations and as demand grows we will start to expand our hours.

With respect to personal protective equipment, we will require masks at all times within the facility except during participation in activities (lessons, trampolines, ramp, and skate).  We ask that you use your discretion to limit the number of people watching lessons. Please stay home if you or a member of your household is feeling sick.  We will provide full refunds for cancellations in situations such as this.  We will enforce capacity restrictions in each area of the facility to allow for social distancing.  Please see below:

Maximum occupancy, by area

  • Ski and snowboard lessons :: 2 clients
  • Valet area :: 2 clients
  • Skate area :: 8 clients
  • Trampoline area :: 12 clients
  • Reception area :: 8 clients

July Hours of Operation (open to the public)

  • Monday - Thursday :: 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Friday :: 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday :: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday :: Closed


Our mission is to create more active communities through participation in action sports.  For the last year we have researched and surveyed our customers in search of a way to enhance our service offering. At the end of this process we came to the conclusion that skateboarding and scootering were the answers to what we (our team and our customers) were seeking.  We are excited to announce that we are adding skateboarding and scootering to our service offering.  We have installed a custom skate ramp (half pipe) from Southern California to take us to the next level.  Skateboarding and scootering will be replacing our parkour programming and will be in the same area.  Yes, we are sad to see the parkour area go but based on your feedback, we know the skateboarding will be more valuable to the majority of our customers.  We will be offering lessons and rentals as well.  There is a natural connection between skateboarding and snowboarding. We want to grow that connection and get people on a board year-round. The new programming will be up and running by July 6th.  Skateboarding will be included in our summer camps and like with all of our programming, safety will be at the forefront of our curriculum.


  • $7 for 2 hour session
  • $10 pack for $50 (coming soon)
  • Included for members
  • Lesson details coming soon

SUMMER CAMPS (beginning July 6th)

We understand how important summer camps are to meet your childcare needs and also to provide your children with a safe, fun place to interact with other children and to progress in action sports, primarily in skiing and snowboarding. The current summer camp guidelines for Colorado have given us confidence that we can safely run summer camps.  We believe that we can achieve all these ideals by reducing group size, set instructors per group, frequent thorough cleanings, creating zones around the center, and having a flow where groups don't cross. With the size of our center and the availability of the outdoor space, we feel strongly that we can social distance while promoting fun and progression. We are committed to the safety of our customers and if at anytime the camp or community becomes unsafe we will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

We are strictly following the summer camp guidelines for Colorado.  You can review our policies by clicking here.  Below is a list of a few things we are doing to keep everyone safe:

  • Reducing group sizes from 9 campers to 6 campers per group.  This allows us to maintain social distancing for each summer camp activity.
  • Reducing total summer camp enrollment from 36 to 24 campers
  • Keeping groups separate from each other during the day.  We have set up the schedule so each group can easily flow without coming in contact with the other groups. We have split our center into zones to prevent cross-contamination and make it easier to clean after a group has left that area. 
  • Having the same coaches stay with their respective groups during the day.
  • Cleaning each activity area during transitions.
  • Requiring masks at drop off and pick up.
  • Staggering drop off and pick up times.
  • Requiring masks during transitions, workshops, and crafts.
  • Requiring hand washing during transitions.
  • We also will be taking temperatures of staff and campers upon arrival. If anyone has a high temp or symptoms of COVID-19 they will be sent home. If a camper is feeling sick, we ask that you keep them at home and can give you lesson credits to make up for lost days at camp.
  • The 2020 camp will be having more outdoor time than in the past and moving some activities outside (we will have shade tents set up outside).
  • Campers will not be allowed to share or trade food or drinks.
  • We will provide a prepackaged snack and the packaging will be sterilized.
  • There will be two ski valet areas set up so that people getting ready for their next ski lesson will not mingle with the people coming off the slope.

While that sounds like a lot of rules, we will ensure that the campers are comfortable and having fun.  Our guiding principles are safety, fun and learning, in that order.  We will do our best to make sure everyone is safe while having fun and improving the skills of the lifelong sports we offer at the center.

Don't worry - we do still have a few spots available if you haven't signed up yet (email:  For those of you who have already registered, we will send out detailed summer camp information (and forms) on Monday or Tuesday of next week. 

We truly value your feedback and please feel free to email Harry, our General Manager, at with any concerns or questions, or to sign up for camp.

Thank you,