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Chris Anthony is Raising Money for Kids By Skiing at SNÖBAHN

How long could you ski on our slopes?

That’s what professional skier, Chris Anthony, intends to find out. In a fundraiser hosted by SNÖBAHN, Anthony will ski non-stop at full speed on our SNÖBAHN ramp in an effort to raise money for The Chris Anthony Youth Initiative

We did the math on how many vertical feet can be skied per hour on our slope. The result? 21,315 vertical feet. That’s a full day of heli-skiing.

Chris will ski at maximum slope speed. How long do you think he can ski? According to SNÖBAHN owner Sadler Merrill, the longest a top skier has gone is 45 minutes.

Find out on March 13 at SNÖBAHN. Food will be provided by Chaos Hats at the SNOBAR. The event is free to attend but you can pledge a dollar amount.