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Skate & Quad Competition

Skate & Quad Competition

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Are you ready to roll into the ultimate skate and quad showdown? We're thrilled to announce our upcoming competition, and we want YOU to be a part of the action. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this event promises thrills, and skills.

Competition Categories:

*competitors must be 8+

  • Beginner Skate -  Basic Stalls, 50-50, rock-fakie, Rock-N-Roll/Can Skate the 2.5ft section of the mini ramp
  • Beginner Quad - Stalls, carves, jumps, transition and toe-stop tricks.
  • Intermediate SkateBasic Grinds/ smith, feeble, crooked stalls/ transition tricks/ can skate the 3.5ft section of the mini ramp
  • Intermediate Quad - Combo-stalls, grinds, airs, rotations.
  • Advance Skateadvanced grinds and stalls/ kickflip, Tre flip exc. on transition/ can skate the entirety of the mini ramp
  • Advance Quad - Skaters who can combine advanced tricks, such as combo stalls/grinds, inversions and rotations, that show personal style and artistry.

Tentative Schedule of Events:

10:30 Check in warm up (15 min for beg skate and 15 min for beg quad)
11:00 1st round beginner skate
11:15 2nd round beginner skate
11:30  Check in/warm up
11:45  1st round beginner quad
12:00 - 2nd round beginner quad
12:15 - Check in/Intermission/Prizes and raffle
1:00 - 1st round intermediate skate
1:15 - 2nd round intermediate skate
1:30 - Check in/warm up
2:00 - 1st round intermediate quad
2:15 - 2nd round intermediate quad
2:30 - Check in/Intermission/Prizes and raffle
2:45 - 1st round advanced skate
3:00 - 2nd round advanced skate
3:15 - Check in/warm up
3:30 - 1st round advanced quad
3:45 - 2nd round advanced quad
4:00 - Prizes/Raffles

Ready to roll? Fill out the registration form (Registration Form) to secure your spot in this adrenaline-pumping competition. Don't miss your chance to shine on the mini ramp!

Let's make this competition one for the books! Get your gear, your tricks, and your competitive spirit ready for an epic day of skate and quad action! 🛹🏅💥